Based on Overall Top 300, I have three good value fantasy football players that are being drafted lower than what their real value is this season. I project them to have a better season than where ESPN has them ranked.

Here are my 2014 Fantasy Football Three Good Value Picks:

Montee Ball: (ESPN Rank 25) Ball automatically benefits from the Peyton Manning factor. Knowshon Moreno finished 5th overall RB in 2013 with the Broncos, as teams have to try to contain Manning. Ball will have the same benefits that Moreno got and if you can get him at 25 this season, you will get a top 10 fantasy player.

Keenan Allen (ESPN Rank 38) Allen posted 71 receptions, 1,046 yards and 8 touchdowns in 15 games. Allen was also targeted 105 times by Philip Rivers. Allen only had 3 catches and 30 yards in his first two games, and was targeted only 4 times. If you project his 13 games where he was starter over a 16 game season he would have posted 84 receptions, 1,250 yards and 10 touchdowns. Let’s remember that Allen was a rookie in 2013, so the adjustment to the NFL will even better this year for Allen. Allen will finish in the top 10 for receivers and gives you value at 38.

Matt Ryan (ESPN Rank 100) Three consecutive 4,000 yard seasons and last season posted 4,515 yards and 26 touchdowns and didn’t have Julio Jones after week 5 and Roddy White played hurt all season while missing 3 games. The loss of Tony Gonzalez will hurt, but Jones is ready to emerge as a force and they added Jake Matthews to protect Ryan’s blind side. Ryan has the potential to put up 4,500 yards again, but expect an increase in touchdowns. Getting Ryan at pick 100 as your starter, will benefit you in the early rounds to get more running backs and receivers.

There you have it three players who are being drafted lower than where they will finish in 2014.

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