Left tackle Joe Thomas has been an iron man since he entered the National Football League. Since being drafted in 2007, Thomas has not missed a regular season snap in his NFL career.

Sunday. when the Cleveland Browns take the field at M&T Bank stadium to face the Baltimore Ravens, Thomas will be closing in on a milestone. The franchise left tackle will enter the game with 9,996 career snaps. Thomas needs to play four snaps to reach ten thousand regular season snaps for his Hall of Fame career.  The 9,996 consecutive snaps is likely an NFL record. The milestone should take place on Cleveland’s first offensive series of the game, unless they go three and out.

“It is unbelievable,” quarterback DeShone Kizer says. “I don’t know if I have taken 10,000 snaps ever of football in my life, and he has done it in the NFL. Obviously, he is a unicorn and he is going to have a gold coat coming soon. To be here alongside of him and to be a small piece of what he has been able to do in this league is an honor for me.”

“He is amazing,” head coach Hue Jackson says. “You guys know how I feel about Joe Thomas. What he has done and how he has done it is remarkable to me. We are talking about a guy who has never missed a snap. That is kind of unheard of. I see guys come out for things where I go, ‘Whoa.’ Now, it amazes me if anybody ever comes out of a game having been around Joe Thomas and seeing what he has done. I think a lot of that rubs off in our locker room. You talk about a guy who is an iron man? That is a true iron man. That is truly what it is all about.”

Sunday will mark 162nd consecutive start for the ten time Pro Bowl left tackle.

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