Earlier this week, The Sporting News’ salary cap expert said the Lions should trade All-Pro defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

Jason Fitzgerald explained in his column, “Poor salary cap management and planning by the Lions front office has all but eliminated the possibility of signing Suh to a contract extension that makes sense for the team. The best option at this point is for the Lions to strongly consider trading Suh to the highest bidder before the preseason concludes. ”

Personally, I think the Lions have done a good enough job with the cap considering the amount of times Suh has restructured his deal; but with that comes the payment he was due to receive.

Suh is the highest paid player in the NFL for right now. Most say ‘trade Suh and get the investment back that isn’t possible right now.’

If the Lions were to trade Suh it would’ve been before the draft where the investment is higher.

Now isn’t the time for a trade.

Suh is a valued part of the Detroit defense as he anchors a unit that was top 15 last year in points allowed, 16th in yards.  Before Suh came to Detroit, the Lions were ranked worst. Following the 2009 campaign in Suh’s first year Lions went from 32nd to 19th.

Fitzgerald explained, “Moving on from Suh would be the best move the team could make. They would save $12.675 million in cap room in 2014, money that can be rolled over into future seasons to help them cope with the contracts they signed with Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford. They would likely receive at least a second- round draft pick in a trade, a pick that they could use in 2015. ”

This isn’t some high school love the Lions are in, it’s more a bad marriage as the Lions are paying Suh $23 million that goes way beyond his ceiling.

Lions general manager Martin Mayhew, head coach Jim Caldwell have said “It’s win now mode,” and rightfully so.

So I ask, would trading Suh be the best option the Lions have?

Or is it winning?

Because speaking to sources that want to go unnamed have said “Suh is waiting this out as he wants to see how good this team can be before committing to the Lions long term.”

I respect what Jason Fitzgerald says, but it’s laughable at this point. Trading Suh is the worst option for the Lions. It leaves them going into 2014 with no identity up front. As good as I think Ezekiel Ansah is, it’s simply not in the Lions best interest to trade their best lineman.

Trading Suh would take the Lions out of win-now mode. The organization must compete with the talent they have and win because it’s been so long since a Lions won a  championship.

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