The Denver Broncos have probably been the most active team in the first two weeks of free agency, bringing in four new names to contribute to their championship caliber roster. Despite all the hype and noise, the franchise has yet to address the team’s need at left tackle.

The Broncos have done a good job so far of addressing the strength of their offensive line, signing guard Ronald Leary and offensive tackle Menelik Watson, but the Broncos don’t have an adequate blindside protector and from the look of things, it doesn’t look as though they’ll be able to find one through free agency. The best free agent talent is already off the market, and it’s unlikely that the Broncos go with a “band-aid” approach by getting their next left tackle out of the free agent bargain bin or playing another lineman out of position.

Left tackle is a premium position in the NFL, and if the Broncos want to compete for a championship, they’re going to need to do something big for premium talent. Sure, drafting a future left tackle in the spring could do the trick, but no prospect is a sure thing and Denver may not have the time to wait for their rookies to develop. With that in mind, a blockbuster trade with the Cleveland Browns for left tackle Joe Thomas may be the big thing the franchise will need to do.

Thomas has been the best left tackle in the NFL over the past decade and would instantly make the Broncos line into one of the best blocking units the league has to offer. Bringing Thomas to Denver isn’t out of the realm of possibility either. After spending 10 frustrating years with a middling franchise, Thomas is clearly looking to get out of Cleveland and land with a team that can help him win a championship. Cleveland, on the other hand, is looking for picks to rebuild their franchise from the ground up. Denver would provide what both Thomas and Cleveland are looking for, and rumor has it that a possible deal may already be in the works.

Free agency has been a success for Denver so far, but the offseason will go down as a failure if the team fails to address the most important position on their offensive line. The only two tackles left on the roster are Ty Sambrailo and Donald Stephenson, and both players aren’t what anyone would call a franchise left tackle lineman. Thomas, on the other hand, would be an immediate fix and make the Broncos offensive line one of the best units in the NFL. The Browns will most likely ask for a kings ransom, but no price is too steep for a player of Thomas’ quality.

2 Responses

  1. ozziecat513

    Okay they could use Thomas. What is your trade proposal?

    • Chris Atencio

      My thoughts are either this year’s first round pick or Bradley Roby (both scenarios would require additional picks for trade balance). The Browns reportedly want two first round picks, which is far too steep, in my opinion.

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