North Carolina TE Eric Ebron was a highly regarded TE, Joe Lombardi told the media “I like how Ebron matched my system”. Rightfully so, Ebron while at North Carolina 1,805 receiving yards in his career at North Carolina. The Lions say they will use Ebron like Jimmy Graham is used in the Saints offense.

Lions officials have spoke and said “Eric Ebron matched what we wanted” Lombardi said. The Lions main reason for drafting TE Eric Ebron “we had 10 players most of them were gone”. Lions coaching staff remains high on Joe Fauria and Brandon Pettigrew, Caldwell said “We have a specific plan for Eric.”

This not only puts pressure on Martin Mayhew that he hits, but it puts more pressure on Stafford. Stafford has more toys than Toys-R-Us. The Lions and Stafford have no more excuses, with Stafford getting a big target like Ebron it gives Detroit depth at TE and a deadly offense.

Most think the Lions will go secondary in Round Two, likely Keith McGill this is what Lions fans didn’t want. Most fans wanted Sammy Watkins or to go defense,To say “Same Old Lions” is just moronic and unrealistic. First of all as someone has campaigned for defense this was a pick needed not only can Ebron play TE, but he can play WR too.

As much as I hate not going defense, Eric Ebron to Detroit was Lombardi’s pick.

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