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With the draft just a few days away, it is time for a final 2017 NFL mock draft. The draft process is now complete, and teams are gearing up for the big event on Thursday night. This mock draft is not a projection of what will happen this weekend, but rather a guideline for how each team should approach the draft. The mock will include trades, which will strictly follow the NFL’s trade chart that is posted below.

Big Board:

Before examining the entire draft, it is important to get a feel for the value in the class. A big board is a ranking of the top players in the group, and this one handles the top 150. These aren’t necessarily the 150 best players in the class, but rather 150 players that were worth taking a closer look at. Grades are posted next to the player’s name, and players that finished with the same grade were separated based on upside and positional value. For example, a player that is raw but could develop into a star would be ranked over a player that won’t develop much more.

Here is a look at how each team should handle the 2017 NFL Draft

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2 Responses

  1. Freeman Strickland

    Rd 1 – Taco Charlton good value for TB @ 19.

    Rd 2 – Too much value still on the board @ S, CB, TE and RB for TB @ 50 to take Raekwon McMillan OLB. Budda Baker or best available CB.

    Rd 3 – Antonio Garcia LT for TB @ 84 could be good value. Bucs passed on all Whitworth and all of the other top free agent OT’s with plenty of unused cap space; it seems odd to try to replace a suspect second round pick with a third round pick. RB Perine or TE Engram/Shaheen seem like better chance to play now.

    Rd 4 – For a 4th round project for TB, instead or QB Brad Kaaya, take LT Julie’n Davenport – bigger than Antonio Garcia with better 20 yd shuttle time.

    The later rounds look good.

  2. Joe

    Detroit needs more able bodies on defense. Trading up and losing pick(s) is stupid. Trading down and getting more picks is what really makes sense.

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