The Los Angeles Rams have been busy since free agency initially opened. Because of the blockbuster trade that landed them starting quarterback Jared Goff, building through the upcoming NFL Draft will be tough for the Rams.

The Rams have made the most of free agency and addressed many of their holes. LA did not make major headlines with their signings but the team is in the process of improving the quality of their roster.

The list of their new additions includes left tackle Andrew Whitworth, receiver Robert Woods, cornerback Kayvon Webster, running back Lance Dunbar, and linebacker Connor Barwin.

This team deserves its fair share of credit. While none of the signings may have broken any headlines, the Rams got what they needed. Not only did they fill some of their holes but they refrained from giving exorbitant contracts to big name options on the market.

The Rams did not have all the cap space in the world but they made moves so that they could free up the necessary cap space. Their decision to trade defensive end William Hayes to the Miami Dolphins was a prime example of that.

The move was entirely salary cap motivated. While Hayes is a veteran player, trading him away freed up his contract from their books. Then there are the other moves they did to free up cap space.

They released center Tim Barnes, tight end Lance Kendricks, and defensive end Eugene Sims. While the release of Barnes has left a void at the center position, they addressed other areas in some fashion.

The Rams still have more holes they need to fill in the future. It appears as though management may have an idea of how to start building this team even if the steps to ultimately get there are slow.

Los Angeles should be commended for steering this thing in the right direction. As for the actual product on the field, everyone should hold their applause until that is a success.

Brendan Abban is a staff writer for the Los Angeles Rams on Endzonescore and hosts the KBR Sports podcast. Follow him on Twitter @BAbban24 or email him via [email protected]


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  1. Fifi Larouche (@fifilarouche)

    Agree Woods basically replaces Britt and they definitley upgrading there plus need a center but D improved getting Webster and Barwin over Hayes plus most important getting Withworth, keeping TJ and Zeurlin a B+ offsesason

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