In the National Football League there are many positions on the field you need to win.  You of course need a STUD QB such as an Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, or of course a Russell Wilson type of elite athlete.  These type of QBs do not grow on trees and assuming you are lucky enough to trade for them, or draft them to your roster you better keep them. Otherwise you will have to play them some time in the future.  You also need a shut down type of cornerback.  Such as a Richard Sherman, a Champ Bailey, or a Deion Sanders.  Why do you think the Dallas Cowboys of the early 90s won so many Superbowls.  Deion Sanders allowed them to play a lot of Cover 1 and Cover 0 defense.  Which allowed Dallas to have 8 or 9 men in the box.  Assuming the other cornerback needed help they could always roll the safety help to that side leaving Deion Sanders on an island with elite receivers such as Jerry Rice and other star players.  Deion won those battles much more than he lost.  When you look at last years Superbowl Richard Sherman was dominating and we saw where Champ Bailey due to nothing but father time was not as dominant as he use to be…  But the most important position on the football field overall is the left tackle…


They call it “the blind side.”  The left tackle has to block the oppositions best and most dominant pass rusher every single down game in and game out.  Usually most of the time teams feel the Left Tackle is their best and most gifted athlete so he rarely gets much help.  You have had the BEST of the BEST Left Tackles such as Orlando Pace, Walter Jones, Jim Parker, Anthony Munoz, and of course my brother Hall of Fame Class 2013 Inductee Jonathan Ogden.  Left Tackles like these do not come around everyday.  This is why back in 1996 Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens organization just could not pass up on my brother.  Assuming you can find a good stud Left Tackle in the draft you need to take him off the board as quickly as possible, even if you really don’t need him in the short term.  Find another home for him, such as Left Guard, or Right Tackle (just like Kansas City did with Eric Fisher) then once your young stud is done grazing the pasture at another position, then move him where he belongs.  Left Tackles such as Jake Long, Brandon Albert, Anthony Collins, and a couple others are todays elite Left Tackles….  Here is a quick evaluation of the three main left tackles in the 2014 NFL Draft….

1) Greg Robinson (Auburn): A 6’5 1/2 345 lbs. monster.  Greg Robinson is clearly the best Left Tackle in this draft class.  He is athletic, big, strong, mean, and very aggressive in the run blocking game.  He has massive hands, and he played in the best conference in college football in my opinion (SEC) He started 25 out of 26 games and he has a great upside.  The only knock on him is he sometimes gets a little to aggressive in pass protection and overextends, but with good coaching that can easily be fixed.   So he is my TOP LT in the 2014 Draft.

2) Jake Matthews (Texas A &M): A 6’5 305 lbs. athletically and fundamentally sound LT.  Jake Matthews is the son of Hall of Fame OG Bruce Matthews.  Jake played in the SEC as well and he also had the privilege of playing with Johnny QB at Texas A&M.  Jake is by the far the most technically sound of the BIG 3 OT.  He does not blow guys of the ball like Robinson, or Taylor Lewan out of Michigan, but due to his pedigree I think he will play the longest out of the big 3.  I also think that what ever team gets him as a swing OT that can play both sides with ease and can be a good sound football player right away.

3) Taylor Lewan (Michigan):  A 6’7 310 lbs. tractor.  Honestly until about 4 weeks ago I had never heard of this guy.  People were only talking about Greg Robinson and Jake Matthews.  Well hold on to your seat folks because Taylor Lewan is here to play some elite NFL football.  He clocked in a 4.87 seconds 40 yard dash time.  Which is better than Greg Robinsons 4.92  He started all 48 games at the University of Michigan which is an elite and well respected football institution.  He had great workouts at the combine and his pro days and people are saying he actually is the number 2 tackle behind Robinson.  Lewan seems to have a good blend of nastiness and athleticism.  Where I think Robinson is most nasty out of the group, and Matthews has the most athleticism out of the group.


Well one thing for sure which ever 3 teams gets these 3 respective LT’s they will be getting some great stock and material to work with.  Does that mean the three of them will be great or elite LT’s… No… But it does mean that these three young men will be given every chance to show and prove their dominance on the battlefield.  This 2014 Draft will for sure be exciting and with anyone who went to see the movie Draft Day knows “on NFL Draft Day nothing is what it seems!!!”


Marques Ogden


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