On air or online, Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas is getting his share of air time this week. To bad for fans, the franchise left tackle won’t suit up in his number 73 jersey on Monday Night Football against the New York Giants.

The air time began midweek when ESPN teased, that’s a television term for those who aren’t in the media, the E:60 feature on him. The sports leader titled the piece ‘Cleveland’s Rock.’ It’s referring to Cleveland as the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Thomas not missing a regular season snap in his ten year career.

Another focal point in the feature is the on-going quarterback dilemma for the Browns. Thomas has blocked for 18 different starting quarterbacks since being drafted in 2007. He was asked to name all 18 quarterbacks he had to protect.

It’s interesting to know how long it actually took Thomas to name all 18 quarterbacks.

Thomas took the opportunity to turn the tables on Jeremy Schapp while the ESPN reporter was in town. Thomas does a funny skit that airs on the Browns website and during Browns related programming entitled ‘The Joe Thomas Hour.’ Thomas dawned his top hat and microphone and made Schapp have to think about his answers to his challenging questions. They include his final meal if he was on death row, and his favorite crayon.

Schapp wasn’t the only high profiled sports figure to make an appearance on ‘The Joe Thomas Hour’ this week. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell took a few minutes during a meet and greet with Browns season ticket holders.

Commissioner Goodell was part of an ‘In-Depth with Graham Bensinger’ feature on Thomas. The interview took place earlier in the off season. The full half hour episode just made its broadcast debut this week. It gained national attention when the topic of CTE came up. Thomas admitted he has dealt with some memory loss already at this stage of his life. His future with the Browns was also addressed.

While the NFL and Browns fans hope Thomas has plenty of years remaining in a Cleveland uniform, broadcasting could in Thomas’ future.

Scott Piker is the lead staff writer for the Cleveland Browns in addition to the Ohio State Buckeyes at Endzone Score. So follow him on Twitter @ScottPikerSport.

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