It seems like everybody has an opinion on the NFL future of Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.

And they vary.

NFL Media senior draft analyst Gil Brandt believes that Manziel is the best prospect in this draft.  ESPN NFL and quarterback guru Ron Jaworski has made it known that he wouldn’t take the A&M signal-caller in the first three rounds.

Former Oakland Raiders and NFL analyst Rich Gannon believes Manziel needs to be in the right system and former Buffalo Bills QB Doug Flutie believes he needs to curb his athleticism and trust him arm.

Mike Holmgren, who coached for the Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks and was last an executive for the Cleveland Browns, believes Manziel’s NFL success is a long shot.

“I think (long-term success) is a long shot. When he makes plays, he’s most effective moving, scrambling, gets a little lucky, and then he’s got a lot of those throws that most guys can make. When he has to really throw the ball accurately, I just didn’t think he threw the ball well enough.”

We’ve heard Manziel’s name fluctuate from the first overall pick, out of the first three rounds and then back to somewhere in the first round. Thankfully May 8 is on the horizon, so we can finally see where the hyped up quarterback lands.

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