The Los Angeles Rams made one of their biggest acquisitions this offseason in the form of head coach Sean McVay. Some people however were not exactly high on the Rams decision to hire McVay. Former Rams head coach Mike Martz in particular.

Martz was critical of the Rams hiring of McVay in an upcoming book. The book is titled Blitzed: Why NFL Teams Gamble on Rookie Quarterbacks. Author Thomas George quotes Martz in the book saying the following about McVay and Rams quarterback Jared Goff per the Los Angeles Times:

“What is he, a couple of months older than Jared? They hired a buddy for Jared. The NFL has nothing to do with being the friend or the buddy of the quarterback. You’ve got to coach them and work them hard with respect. But buddy? And this guy is a quarterback expert? An offensive expert? Wait a minute while I puke.”

Martz was the head coach of the Rams from 2000-2005. A time period which included the storied Greatest Show on Turf teams.

When asked about Martz’s comments McVay appeared to be unbothered and was actually respectful of the former’s resume:

“Coach Martz is a guy that I have always had a huge amount of respect for with what he’s accomplished, especially with just being an offensive coach.”

Despite the slight from Martz, McVay showed class in his response. While McVay was certainly the youngest head coaching hire in NFL history, that is not indicative of his ability to execute the position.

Especially when it relates to Goff. McVay was instrumental in the impressive play of Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins over the past two seasons.

Cousins put up 9,083 yards, 54 touchdowns, 23 interceptions and a 68.3 completion percentage in two years with McVay — worthwhile experience that McVay now brings to the Rams and Goff.

While it is only the preseason, Goff’s performance last week against the Oakland Raiders was easily the best of his career. The performance reflected McVay’s ability to coach.

It will be awhile before McVay can truly prove himself as the coach of this team, but he has done a good job so far.

Brendan Abban is a staff writer for the Los Angeles Rams on Endzonescore and hosts the KBR Sports podcast. Follow him on Twitter @BAbban24 or email him via [email protected]


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