The Los Angeles Rams put on an impressive performance in their 46-9 thrashing of the Indianapolis Colts. Unfortunately, that beat down does not translate into Week 2 for the Rams. There are some things they must correct prior to their matchup with the Washington Redskins.

It is easy to lose track of mistakes in the midst of winning sometimes. Despite demolishing the Colts, the Rams did make mistakes while attaining victory.

One thing the Rams have a reputation for struggling with is penalties. Throughout Jeff Fisher’s time with the Rams they were one of the worst teams when it came to penalties.

In three of the four years Fisher was with the Rams, they were bottom three in penalties per It is a weakness in the team that they have been trying to lower for years.

Head coach Sean McVay voiced his concerns about the penalties during his post game availability:

“We have to avoid those penalties. We can’t beat ourselves with the pre-snap false starts, different things like that. That will get you beat and we’ve got to get that cleaned up.”

Penalties immediately kill momentum and drives. They sustain opponent’s drives and keep the defense on the field. The Rams normally make great plays but then negate all of it with a penalty.

Winning will come easier to this team once they ultimately cut down on their penalties. They will also win a lot more if they can stay on the field.

The Rams third down conversion percentage was 35.71. The offense has to be able to stay on the field to win games. That is how they get down the field to score points and more often than not they will face third down situations.

Converting third downs gives their defense time to rest and exhausts the opposing defense. As a result, they become easier to score on.

These should be points of emphasis for a Rams team looking to improve to 2-0 this week against the Washington Redskins. Washington will be a tougher opponent than Indianapolis was.

However, the Rams can still get the job done as long as they properly execute and are discipline.

Brendan Abban is a staff writer for the Los Angeles Rams on Endzonescore and hosts the KBR Sports podcast. Follow him on Twitter @BAbban24 or email him via [email protected]

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  1. triple wammy

    Equaly concerning is there running game. Gurly and the line is not getting it done. Forty yards a game will make it very hard to beat a decent team.


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