I clearly remember when I was 15 years old and went to the NFL draft for the first time.  It was 1996 and my brother, Jonathan Ogden, was deemed a top 5 draft choice out of UCLA. My parents and the whole entire sports world thought my brother was going to go #3 to the Arizona Cardinals. As it got started we saw the NY Jets take Keyshawn Johnson from USC, then with the second pick the Jacksonville Jaguars taking Kevin Hardy out of the University of Illinois. We were certain Jonathan was next. The third pick came around and Arizona picked Simeon Rice from the University of Illinois. The fourth pick belonged to the Baltimore Ravens, who, as we know, took Jonathan Ogden from UCLA.  No one thought in a million years that Baltimore would pick my brother as they were so deep at that position.  From this time, I always felt that the NFL draft can at times be a crap shoot. Sometimes the General Manager and Upper Management will look for the best player on board  and not put much clout on the position they need. Sometimes, it’s the total opposite.  Upper management of the NFL football teams are always trying to “find a pot of gold” when trying to assemble a 53 man roster and their 8 man practice squad.

So let’s look at the carousel of top athletes in this years NFL Draft.

1) Jadeveon Clowney: 6’5 1/2 280 lbs. DE, University of South Carolina

2) Johnny Manziel: 5’10 1/2, 210 lbs. QB, Texas A&M

3) Blake Bortles: 6’5 1/2, 230 lbs. QB, University of Central Florida

4) Teddy Bridgewater: 6’3, 200 lbs. QB, University of Louisville

5) Jake Matthewes: 6’5, 304 lbs. OT, Texas A&M


Any of these five fine young athletes have the potential to be taken by the Houston Texans. Which one will it be? Matt Schaub has been traded to the Oakland Raiders for a late round draft pick. So, there is a need for a young stud QB at the helm in Houston. Should fans be excited to recently see Johnny Manziel at a Houston Rockets basketball  game sitting beside Arian Foster…or could that just be a coincidence?  Could the Texans be eyeing Blake Bortles out of UCF? He is the only QB in the top 5 possible draft selection that fits your prototypical NFL QB size and weight: 6”5, 230-240 lbs, with a huge arm and a great head on his shoulders. Then you have Jadeveon Clowney, a 6’5, 280lbs monster who did not have a  great junior year, but his sophomore year against Michigan that put him on the map. I will be the first to admit, I was not a Clowney fan, but after his NFL combine numbers (21 reps, 4.45 unofficial 40 yd time), I have to say this young man is a freak athlete.  I think scheme is what got him more than anything else. Clowney and JJ Watt could be an awesome pair!!! Then you have Teddy Bridgewater from Louisville who kind of fell off the map after his pro day. The verdict seems to still be out on him, I personally feel he is a good addition to a NFL roster.  You do have a SUPERIOR blood line in Jake Matthews, son of Bruce Matthews, from Texas A&M. These two are considered sleepers for the #1 pick but anything is possible on draft day.

This will definitely prove to be an exciting NFL draft. Whoever Bill O’Brien and the Texans take, I’m sure it will be a good pick. If you’re a Texans fan, I still think you got a few years of work to do before you can start singing the playoff symphony.  If you’re looking for a Superbowl, none of these five studs can take you to the promise land in their rookie season.


Marques Ogden

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