As we approach the 2014 NFL draft, let’s examine each NFL teams top three biggest needs.

Houston Texans: (QB, LB and RB) As much as they need the franchise QB, this team was 23rd against the rush and will Brian Cushing finally make it all the way back?
St. Louis Rams: (OL, WR and DE) Need to protect Sam Bradford better going into this year, and give him a real #1 WR to throw the ball to. Can use some help in the DL rotation.
Jacksonville Jaguars:  (QB, RB and WR) Jaguars are in desperate need of play-makers on offense, and need a franchise QB for the future.
Cleveland Browns: (QB, LB and CB) Browns having two first round draft picks, which should allow them to satisfy their needs at QB and LB.
Oakland Raiders: (DL, OL and QB) Raiders salary cap space eliminated some of their needs already, but the Raiders can use a DL to go with the rotation and some more OL help.
Atlanta Falcons: (DL, LB and TE) Falcons need an upgrade on the DL and LB positions as they were 31st in the NFL in opponent rushing yards. They also need to replace Tony Gonzalez, which is basically impossible.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: (OL, CB and WR) Josh McCown will need a Left Tackle to protect his blind side and the Bucs can use some help at CB.
Minnesota Vikings: (DL, QB and TE) Vikings need to find a pass rusher to replace Jared Allen and how much longer will they go with the Christian PonderMatt Cassel experiment.
Buffalo Bills: (DL, OL and WR) Need to get some help with stopping the run and a better job at protecting EJ Manuel. Despite adding Mike Williams could use more depth at WR.
Detroit Lions: (LB, DL, CB) Lions need to upgrade at LB and could use another pass rushing DE. They need depth at CB.
Tennessee Titans: (WR, DL and RB) No real #1 receiver which they need to help Jake Locker. More help on the DL to stop the run.
New York Giants: (OL, LB and DL) Giants need to get better at protecting Eli Manning and need linebackers that can help stop the run.
Chicago Bears: (DL, LB and S) Bears were the worst in the NFL at opposing team rushing yards. They need to upgrade from the defensive line back to safety.
Pittsburgh Steelers: (LB, CB and WR) Steelers at the core are about linebackers, they need help at the position. Age is starting to effect the secondary, and can use some depth at WR.
Dallas Cowboys: (DL, OL and WR) Have to replace DeMarcus Ware and his pass rush. Need to protect Tony Romo better and need more depth at WR.
Baltimore Ravens: (RB, DL and WR) Ray Rice legal troubles and ranked 30th in rushing yards makes them need an upgrade over Bernard Pierce. Need more depth at DL and WR.
New York Jets: (QB, RB and TE) I am not a believer in Geno Smith or Michael Vick, they need a franchise guy to play QB. Team improved the wide receiver position, but need help at running back and tight end.
Miami Dolphins: (LB, WR and CB) Need better linebackers against the run and need to get more depth at wide receiver.
Arizona Cardinals: (OL, TE and QB) Cardinals can use an upgrade at OL to improve the running game and provide protection to Carson Palmer. A better tight end will open up things for Larry Fitzgerald and they can look at someone to take over for Palmer.
Green Bay Packers: (LB, WR and TE) Packers need a linebacker on the opposite side of Clay Matthews and need depth at wide receiver and tight end.
Philadelphia Eagles: (S, CB and WR) Eagles were 32nd in opponents pass yardage allowed and need to upgrade the other safety spot and add more depth at corner. You lose DeSean Jackson you have to add more depth at receiver.
Kansas City Chiefs: (WR, TE and DL) Chiefs can use another one or two receivers and can upgrade the tight end position. They can use depth in the 3-4 DL rotation.
Cincinnati Bengals: (LB, DL and OL) Bengals can use some depth at strongside linebacker and defensive end. Can use an upgrade at the interior OL position.
San Diego Chargers: (LB, DL and QB) Chargers were 29th in opponent passing yards allowed and the major issue was lack of pass rush. Need to upgrade the 3-4 linebackers and defensive line. It might be time to start thinking about replacing Philip Rivers.
New Orleans Saints: (OL, LB and CB) Saints were good at passing and stop the pass and bad at rushing and stopping the run. Need to improve OL and LB.
Carolina Panthers: (WR, TE and CB) Panthers were bad last year at passing the ball and now with no receivers are in desperate need of them. Can use some depth at TE to give Cam Newton more passing options and can use some depth at CB.
New England Patriots: (LB, WR and TE) Despite the Patriots getting to the AFC Championship game they were 30th in the NFL in opponents rushing yards allowed. They need to improve the middle linebackers. Still need a big #1 receiver and get back to using the two tight end offense.
San Francisco 49ers: (CB, LB and TE) The Niners have a great defense but the loss of Carlos Rogers make them need a corner and until Navorro Bowman can return they can use some depth at inside linebacker. Vernon Davis takes big hits every year, so the Niners can use some depth at tight end.
Denver Broncos: (CB, WR and QB) Adding Aqib Talib was a great move, but can use more depth at corner. Need to get another big receiver like Eric Decker and Peyton Manning could be done after this season and are you 100% convinced that Brock Osweiler can take over.
Seattle Seahawks: (WR, DL and CB) Always hard to say what Superbowl champions need, but need a big receiver to go along with Percy Harvin. Can use a defensive tackle and some depth at DL and need some depth on the opposite side of Richard Sherman.
Washington Redskins: (LB, OL and DL) Need to replace London Fletcher in the middle and depth is needed at this position. Jay Gruden will want to change the protection schemes for RGIII and will get his guys.
Indianapolis Colts: (LB, CB and WR) Can use another pass rushing linebacker opposite of Robert Mathis, need more help at cornerback and more depth at wide receiver as you still can’t count 100% on Reggie Wayne to return.

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