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One of the best parts about covering the NFL is the fun you can have breaking down the game. Another aspect is learning the history of the league.

Sports fans, one way or another, like numbers. They don’t lie in many regards and you can have fun digging up stats that have some relevance to them. Add in the aspect of social media and everyone is looking for information.

So here are some interesting factoids via yours truly (@BaxFootballGuru) when it comes to NFL 2016, Week 6, as well as some other tids and tads. Cut, paste, enjoy and give us your feedback. Thanks.


Source: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images North America via Zimbio

Arizona Cardinals

#Cardinals: Incl. playoffs, 3-5 in last 8 games dating back to ’15 (opened 13-2 in ’15); 3-of-5 losses by 15-plus points @OPSN_NFL

#Cardinals’ QB Carson Palmer: Incl. playoffs, 11 TD passes, 12 INT, 7 fumbles (3 lost), sacked 18 times in last 7 games (2-5) dating back to ’15 @OPSN_NFL

#Cardinals: 2-3 in ’16 (13-3, won NFC West in ’15) @OPSN_NFL

#Cardinals: outscored 27-0 in first quarter in 5 games in ’16 @OPSN_NFL

Atlanta Falcons

#Falcons’ QB Matt Ryan: 12 TD passes, 2 INT in 5 games in ’16 (21 TD passes, 16 INT in ’16 games in ’15) @OPSN_NFL

#Falcons: scored NFL-high 175 points in 5 games in ’16 (177 points in final 11 games in ’15) @OPSN_NFL

#Falcons: won 4 straight games (3-8 in last 11 games in ’15) @OPSN_NFL

#Falcons: allowed 14 TD passes in 5 games in ’16 @OPSN_NFL

Baltimore Ravens

#Ravens own 4-1 lifetime series lead vs. #Giants (incl. win in Super Bowl XXXV) @OPSN_NFL

#Ravens: 22 takeaways in 21 games dating back to ’15 @OPSN_NFL

#Ravens: 6 INT in 5 games in ’16 (NFL-low 6 INT in ’15) @OPSN_NFL

#Ravens: 3-2 in ’16 (5-11 in ‘15) @OPSN_NFL

Buffalo Bills

#Bills: 17 sacks in 5 games in ’16 (21 sacks in ’15) @OPSN_NFL

#Bills: scored 110 points in last 4 games (scored 7 points in Week 1 loss to Ravens in ’16) @OPSN_NFL

#Bills: won 3 straight games (opened 0-2 in ’16) @OPSN_NFL

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